Protein Expression and Purification (PrEP) Lab

The Protein Expression and Purification lab contains a wide range of equipment to produce large quantities of ultrapure soluble protein. We use bacterial systems for protein expression. ÄKTA chromatography systems are used for protein purification. Additionally, proteins can be labeled isotopically for NMR.




A Autoclave: Market Forge Sterilmatic 16″ diameter autoclave.  This internal autoclave allows up to 4L of culture media production when the external commercial autoclave is being serviced or is under heavy use by other laboratories.


B Spectrophotometer: The NanoDrop 1000 is a full-spectrum UV/Vis spectrophotometer used to quantify nucleic acids, proteins, fluorescent dyes and other compounds.  Features: 1 μl samples, no cuvettes, no dilutions, fast measurements, broad spectral output.  It is typically used to determine protein/DNA concentration.


C Plate Reader: The BioTek ELx808™ Absorbance Microplate Reader is a multi-channel reader offering precise, accurate and repeatable measurements. All calculations are performed automatically.  It is primarly used for protein quantification and occasionally for ELISA. el808.jpg
D HPLC: The GE Healthcare Life Sciences division’s ÄKTA Pure™ chromotography system is designed for fast development and optimization of any biomolecular purification, using one working platform for all techniques and samples. We have a large collection of columns to enable us to purify most protein samples quickly.


E Centrifuge: Sorvall Lynx.  Using any of several available rotors the Lynx is primarily used to pellet bacteria or cellular debris.  Many different types of rotors are available.


F Fermentor: The New Brunswick Scientific BioFlo 4500 Fermentor/Bioreactor allows for batch runs at any temperature of up to a single 15 L culture that typically produces a much higher density of cells and larger protein yields.


G Shaker: There are two New Brunswick Scientific Innova Incubator shakers which are used for growing cultures in flasks. One unit has refrigeration which allows for flexible temperature during expression of toxic proteins.


H Nano Pure Water: The Millipore Milli-Q system provides ultrapure water for a variety of laboratory needs.



Scales: We have a Sartorius MC1 analytic scale and several Ohaus Adventure precision scales to measure reagents for creating buffers and other solutions.



Cell Rupture: We have a Avestin Emuliflex C3 to rupture cell so that protein can be harvested.