There are two tiers of experiments: (Tier 1) preliminary “Go or No Go” experiments; and (Tier 2) mature projects ready for preparing samples for the X-ray and NMR facility. Tier 1 experiments are the riskiest with no guarantee of success so fees for Tier 1 experiments are based on supply costs only. For Tier 2 fees, these experiments require a lot of time, so staff time is included along with the supply costs. Limited personal use of some of the equipment may be arranged by permission. (fees shown at the bottom) Once the X-ray or NMR data are collected, the processing of these data and subsequent structure solution are not provided by ESBF staff. Collaboration with one of the structural biology faculty is recommended.

TIER 1 Fees

TIER 1 Fees1: “Go or No Go” experiments are negotiated and performed in a collaborative fashion and fees are based on supply costs only.

Optimizing Protein Expression
Initial consultation and evaluation of sequencefreefree
Standard Protocol (2 cell hosts, 2 temperature conditions, IPTG optimized, gels)$215$325
Special cases: Artic Express RIL host, C19, C41, C43 etc. (price per trial)$125$190
Insect cell host (Sf9; 250ml culture, protein expression, w. blot)$160$240
Plasmid prep/ backup storage of plasmid$40$60
Protein Purification
Develop 2-step protocol (2 dedicated different columns, buffers, optimization trials)$325$495
Tag removal (up to 10 mg of protein)
Precision protease, HRV-3C$130$195
Factor Xa$150$225
AcTEV protease$500$750
Extra steps or specialized purification
Size exclusion, MonoQ, other columns$100$135
Extra gel analyses (per minigel)$25$40
Limited proteolysis analysis (assay, mass spectroscopy, cloning recommendations)contactcontact
Sample concentration$30$45

TIER 2 Fees

TIER 2 Fees1: Experiments are done upon request and supply-based fees plus staff time at $30/hr are charged.  The request form is available on line and the completed form should be emailed to Lucas Struble.  The form can be edited and the changes can be saved with acrobat reader.

Production of Large Quantities of Purified Protein
For Crystallization Experiments: Production via known protocol, cost per 4 liters of culture$100$150
Sample concentration$30$45
Large batch purification (15-25ml resin)$250$375
Large quantities produced from Fermentor (15L batch run)$400$600
New Columns as NecessaryCatalog $Catalog $
Labeled protein for NMR (15N, 13C, D2O), per 4 liters of culture

Estimated from $250 for 15N to $625 for 13C
Crystallization Services
Services are available for proteins purified in our labs or in your own. Documentation of purity for samples from other labs will be required. Details of those requirements are available on request.
First screening: 3 commercial screens, 96 conditions each
Includes NeXtal Classics, PEGS, and Anions
Requires at least 350μL of protein at 8-10 mg/ml concentration
Includes 2 months of automated monitoring with RockMaker
Complex formation (DNA or protein binding partner)$50$75
Additional screens, 96 conditions each, as requested$65$100
Optimization of crystals from screening hits, per 24 or 96 well screen, by hand or robot-mediated$50$75
X-Ray Diffraction of Crystal for Structural Data
Screening: Technician will do trial diffractions on early crystals (cost per crystal mounted)$6$9
Data acquisition: charge per 24 hours of beam time$125$200
NMR Services
Current Fees for NMR can be found HERE.

Personal Use: Individuals who would like to work with equipment in the facility on their own.

Note: All usage is subject to added charges for technical time as needed for training, advising and monitoring equipment at $30/hour.

Effective: October 1, 2011

Equipment available for personal use with permission
Tecan Robot, per hour of use$25na
Emulsiflex C3, per lysis$25na
New Brunswick Shaker/Incubator, per use$25na
AKTA FPLC, AKTA Explorer, per purification day$50na

1Prices are subject to change with a 30 day notice.