X-ray with key equipment labeled

The X-ray service supports Cancer Center Members research grants by providing high resolution diffraction data to allow atomic level visualization of proteins and their binding partners as well as small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) of solutions. The lab has one of the most intense commercially available X-ray sources with two well equipped experimental stations. The single crystal diffraction station has an adjustable 2 theta with a quarter chi goiniometer and can collect room temperature and cryogenically cooled data. The SAXS station has a BIOSAXS 1000 with an automatic sample changer and temperature controlled sample chamber. Additionally the X-ray service has an assortment of visualization tools including a large format 3D display as well as immersive VR allowing investigators to explore their results in very unique ways.

aCryogenic Stream Systems: Rigaku XStream 2000 cryogenic systems offer cryo-cooling of crystal samples to liquid nitrogen temperatures with the following benefits of no dewars of liquid nitrogen needed, continuous operation, low maintenance, easy and safe to use, small footprint, improved laminar flow, less icing, and flexible nozzle positioning.
bLeft Port: This X-ray port is equipped with a BioSAXS 1000 with an automatic sample changer for collecting small angle x-ray scattering data on protein solutions.
cX-ray Generator: The lab is equiped with a Rigaku FRE+ SuperBright rotating anode X-ray source that provides two X-ray ports with intensity similar to a second generation bending magnet.
dRight Port: This X-ray port is equiped with an XStream 2000, Osmic Varimax HighRes optics, a motorized quarter-chi goniometer, an R-Axis IV++ detector, a motorized crystal to detector stage, and an adjustable two theta.
eCrystal Mounting Workstation: The crystal mounting workstation provides all the necessary tools to mount room temperature or cryo-cooled samples. Typically we use MiTeGen micromounts for both room temperature and cryo-cooled samples. Additionally, Hampton Research standard loop and capillary mounting are available.
fInstrument Control Workstations: The X-Ray lab uses a Gefen KVM over IP system to allow any station to control or display any computer or instrument in the lab.
gLG UH8500 large format display with polarized 3D
hOculus Rift Virtual Reality system to let investigators explore their data as if they were the size of atoms.
iImage projected on to an interactive touch screen allowing visitors to explore the ESBF and what it offers.